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Swiss Navy Passion Fruit Water-Based Flavored Lube | 1oz by

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Passion Fruit Flavored Lube

Take a quick, delicious visit to the tropics with Swiss Navy H2O Passion Fruit.

It's a stain-free, water-based lubricant that delivers plenty of slicknesses, and it adds a fun new spin to oral sex and foreplay.

The passion fruit flavoring tastes slightly citric but with a lingering sweetness that makes you feel like you're on a tropical island.

It's not excessively sweet, and it never gets tacky or sticky; this lube stays slick, so you shouldn't need to reapply very often. However, if you need a little extra, the Swiss Navy's simple pump-top bottle helps minimize mess while locking out air.

While the Swiss Navy effectively recreates the taste of fresh passion fruit, their formula doesn't contain any sugars or parabens. It's safe for people with diabetes, and it won't damage condoms, sex toys, or accessories.

If you love the sweet, addictive taste of this product, pick up a few Swiss Navy H2O flavored lubricants, and have fun experimenting.