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Swiss Navy "Very Wild Cherry" Flavored Lubricant 🍒 by

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Wild Cherry Flavored Lube

There's something erotic about fresh cherries, and this lubricant perfectly captures that charming flavor.

Swiss Navy's 
water-based formula maintains a slippery texture with a thin consistency. The extra slickness feels great during sex, and it's never sticky or tacky. Like all Swiss Navy flavored lubricants, it doesn't contain sugars or parabens.

Of course, you buy flavored lubes for their flavoring, and this product has a remarkably great taste. Nothing lights up your bedroom like the sweet touch of cherries, and this lubricant delivers an exceptional flavor without overwhelming your senses.

Because Swiss Navy Flavors products use a diabetic-friendly, water-based formula, you can safely use them with all types of 
condoms and toys. They're safe for anal, oral, and vaginal sex, and they're non-staining.

If you're looking for a sensual lubricant with sweet cherry flavoring, the Swiss Navy's Cherry is an impressive choice. Be sure to try the other great options in the Swiss Navy's H20 Flavors line to find your favorite.